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Leaders in professional roof ventilation and accessory products

Venduct® Tile and Slate Vents
Venduct® Tile and Slate Vents. Klober's extensive range includes in-line, universal, slate and plain vents as well as sealing collars, adaptors and flexipipes.
Airtightness range
Create an 'airtight' roof to help meet The Code for Sustainable Homes with Klober's Wallint® air barriers & vapour control layers, tapes, sealants, double-taped underlays and sealing collars.
Permo® underlays, Wallint® vapour control layers/air barriers and wall membranes
Permo® underlays, Wallint® vapour control layers/air barriers and wall membranes. Whether you require a vapour-permeable or non vapour-permeable roof underlay, wall membrane, air barrier/vapour control layer or sealing products, Klober has all the options.
Solar-Line Klober offers solutions for watertight installation. Solar-Line, our focus for safe installation of solar systems as well as on the routing of solar cable through the functional layers of the roof covering.
Dry-Fix roofing, eaves and valleys
Dry Fix Ventilation – A wide range of universally designed products for mechanically-fixing at the ridge, hip and eaves.
Dry Fix Roofing accessories, designed to be quick and easy-to-fit, high quality finishing accessories from Dry Verge to Dry Valleys and more.
Trapac® snow & safety
Trapac® snow & safety. Universal and easy-to-install, Klober offers roof safety steps, roof walkways, safety hooks and tile and snow guards.
Flavent® flat roofing
Flavent® flat roofing. Its modular design can allow components to be interchanged to suit different applications. The range comprises breather vents, rainwater outlets and soil/mechanical adaptors.


Airtightness Create an 'airtight' roof to reduce energy loss


SOLAR-LINE A comprehensive range of accessories for solar panels

Timber Frame

Timber Frame Solutions for timber-frame houses
For expert advice on the latest Standards and Regulations, as well as how to incorporate Klober products in to building designs click here.